Limitless Grace

January sixth, these are the words I wrote : “It doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger. Nine months later it still stings just as much as the day it all fell apart, but today it hurts a little bit more than usual. Today was what would’ve been the start of my senior season. SomeContinue reading “Limitless Grace”

Owning the Hard Year

January first, two-thousand nineteen I wrote : “2019. May this be a year of growth. I pray that this year I will learn to find grace in every situation. I pray I will be humbled and be able to grow in you. I pray for wisdom and guidance. I pray I grow as a leaderContinue reading “Owning the Hard Year”

Eight Months Later

March – the hardest month I have lived. This was the month that my life completely turned upside down. Life came tumbling down faster than my mind could even start to process what was happening, and to this day, the week of March eleventh is all just a blur. Days before I wrote : TrustContinue reading “Eight Months Later”

Breaking Down the Brick Wall-Fear

Fear. How could such a small word contain so much power? How could such a small word control our every thought, our every move, our every word. How could this word make us feel crippled and paralyzed? How could such a small word be a brick wall in our lives? Although I do not haveContinue reading “Breaking Down the Brick Wall-Fear”

Finding Everyday Grace

my one mission in life: to find light in the darkness