About Me

I am Ansley.

I am a senior in high school and I am also enrolled at the University of North Georgia. I am a typical student who chugs coffee throughout the day to stay awake to complete every task. Most days my hair is in a bun or wild and crazy embracing its natural flow. And more times than not I am in Nike shorts and over-sized t-shirts because cute clothes are just not my first pick. I love plants, essential oils, and natural products, however, I am not the save the planet type. I am a quiet and reserved girl who has a big heart and sees potential in everything.

I pray that this may be a place to call home – comforting, nourishing, and encouraging. I pray you will learn here that all you need is found at His feet and in HIS time He will supply.

Finding Everyday Grace

my one mission in life: to find light in the darkness

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